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Whether it's a morning cuppa, an espresso to pick you up or cocktails to wind down on a Friday night.



Small Large
Espresso £1.25 £1.65
Americano £2.20 £2.40
Cappuccino/ Latte/ flat white £2.40 £2.60
Mocha £2.30 £2,50
Hot Chocolate £2.30 £2.50

Deluxe Hot Chocolate

cream & marshmallows 

£2.90 £3.10
Bailey's Hot Chocolate £4.85
Macchiato £1,35 £1.75


Choose from any of the flavours below for £1.65

English Breakfast Earl Grey
Darjeeling Green Tea
Mint Camomile
Fruit Tea Chai

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola/ Sprite


Fruit Juice

Cranberry, pineapple, apple, orange


Home-made Lemonade


Flavoured Home-made Lemonade

Mango, strawberry, passion fruit


Bottle of Spring Water

Still or Sparkling


Soda/ Tonic/ Slim-Line Tonic Water


Alcoholic Drinks


Gordon's Gin, Jack Daniels

Add a Splash


£3.25 (25ml)/ £4.05 (50ml)



Corona, Sol Amigos, San Miguel, Estrella


Spanish Sherry

Fino, amontillado, moscatel, pedro jimenez

£3.35 (50ml)

Bailey's Irish Cream

£3.35 (50ml)

Spanish Brandy

Torres 10yr Gran Reserva, Carols, Brandy de Jerez

£3.35 (25ml)/ £4.15 (50ml)

Cocktails - £6


Rum, Fresh Mint, Lime, Cane Sugar


Cachaca, Lime, Cane Sugar


Rum, Lime, Cane Sugar

+ your favourite fruit:  Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango or Raspberry

Pina Colada

Rum, fresh pineapple, fresh coconut pulp, cane sugar, dash of lime


Glass: £6    Jug: £15

Red Wine, Spanish Brandy, Lemonade, Mixed Fresh Fruit, Cane Sugar

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